Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Book Talk

It's another special week here on Book Talk. One of our very own hussies, Sally Painter, has a book coming out on Friday. Woot! Divided Love is part of the Torrid Tarot series. Congrats, my hussy sista.I can't wait to get my hot little hands on it!

Let's all give a shout out to the wonderful creative talent of those fine folks in the EC Art Department. Y'all do an amazing job of making our books shine! I'm totally digging the edginess of the cover for Skin!

Without further delay, here are the eight books releasing from Ellora's Cave Publishing this week.

Releasing Wednesday:

God Style Temptation by Taige Crenshaw

Sins of Adaven by Ruth D. Kerce

Quest Into The Forbidden by Vanessa N. Gilfoy

Call of Temptation by Michelle M. Pillow

Releasing Friday:

Ensnared by Innocence by Larissa Lyons

Seeds of Garnet by Elaine Lowe

Divided Love by Sally Painter

Skin by Bernadette Gardner

Time to do your part for literacy and hit the EC website! Go forth and shop.

Happy Reading!

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Deb said...

Nic, it is an awesome line up once again.
a special shout out to our own Hussies Sally, hey woman you rock!

Sally Painter said...

Thanks Nic! I'm snuggly in between some great authors. WOOT!

Sally Painter said...

Thank you so much, Deb! (vbg)

Elaine Lowe said...

Even the stock covers are pretty darn hot! Could you put in a link for Seeds of Garnet:

Thank you!!!
Elaine Lowe

Nicole Austin said...

Done, Elaine. Thanks for the link. The one on EC didn't work.