Thursday, January 03, 2008

Gettin' Naughty - What Women Want

Top Thirteen Things Women Want In A Man

Nat brought up this subject over the weekend and I did a bit of research. What do women look for in a man? What do we desire most? Six-pack abs, tanned GQ cover model looks? You might be surprised by the top thirteen qualities women want in a man.

Listen up guys, class is in session. Pay attention because this is important. While we would prefer to have it all wrapped up in a visually pleasing package, some characteristics are more important than others. There are some personality flaws we can accept easier than others, and some things we won’t compromise on. Acknowledgment: This list was inspired by an Ezine Article which you can read by clicking here.

1. Honesty – We should be able to have faith in what you say.

2. Intelligence – The brain is the largest, most powerful sex organ. We want someone who can carry on an intelligent conversation.

3. Nice Smile – Your dazzling smile turns us on and lights up your face, making us want to smile back. A great smile can capture our hearts!

4. Sense of Humor – Takes smarts to be funny. Not stupid slap stick jokes, but humor that challenges us.

5. Manners – Don’t drive up and honk the horn. Use some gold old fashioned manners. Open doors, pull out our chair, make us feel special.

6. Sensitivity – We’d rather know what you are feeling than have to try and guess and likely get it all wrong.

7. Sincerity – Don’t try to be something you’re not to impress. We will be more impressed by your courage in revealing the real you.

8. Gainfully employed – Be responsible and capable of supporting yourself.

9. Has own place – Failure to launch is very unattractive. This is connected in with responsibility.

10. Owns a car – We don’t want to ride the bus to the movies on a date. Again, shows your responsible.

11. Affectionate – You don’t have to make a public spectacle, but show some tenderness. Hold her hand or offer your arm.

12. Considerate – Call if you’re going to be late. Leave us a brief note to say hi just because. The little things mean a lot.

13. Thoughtful – Similar to considerate but requires a bit of premeditation. Do something to make us feel special and important, to let us know we’re in your thoughts.

I would also add confidence to this list. Plain and simple, self-confidence is sexy.

Here’s you chance to speak out, ladies. What do you feel are essential qualities in a man? What makes him a keeper?


Ciana Stone said...

I think this just about covers it except for "awareness" and I use that in reference to his awareness about relationships and partnerships. Too many times I see men who have the mistaken impression that when they're in a relationship with a woman they somehow have gained a quit claim deed or title to her. She belongs to him. Not attractive, appealing or tempting. So, one of my top requirements is that a man understand that our 'partnership' is just that. Something we each choose, and not an obligation - certainly not any kind of servitude or ownership implied.

No, not a feminist bone in my body, just a whole lot of hussy ones :)

Anonymous said...

Strength of Character is so important. I believe most of what makes up Strength of Character is covered in the list. Honesty, Intelligence, Sincerity and Being Responsible are big parts of it, but I also believe Thoughtfulness in a larger sense is key.

Thoughtful in the way he lives, having a purpose. His understanding of why he makes the decisions he does; actually THINKING about the world and his place in it. This is beyond Intelligence, it's Savvy, and it is a fabulous trait in a man.

Love the blog, Nic! Now I want to know what men want in a woman!


TK Winters said...

Those are wonderful qualities. What makes a man a keeper for me, though, is doing little things like dishes, emptying the trash, cleaning the toilet -- not all the time, just some of the time. I want a man who sees what my needs are and most of my needs are about having someone be a partner and a team player as well as having all those other qualities. VBG

Sally Painter said...

Great post, Nic!

I agree 100%.

I'd add Attentiveness. Goes with sensitivity I guess.

Also, loves to have FUN. Silly meaningless fun. (vbg)

N.J.Walters said...

A great sense of humor, honesty and attention to the small details of life. Doing little things just because he knows they'll make me happy. I don't mind riding the bus. :-)