Sunday, January 13, 2008

Turn me on ...

We all have things that turn us on. Some things seem pretty common among women, but there's also places where the paths diverge.

For example, which of the following do you agree with?
Regardless of my own shape, size or age, I'm going to look at the hunky guys and think "oh baby, I wish." And I'm going to look at the not so hunky, overweight men and unless I've spent the last 20 years getting to know their inner beauty, I'm going to think "oh please no!"

So, what about the couples? Why do I look at the heterosexual couple and think "I could definitely get into some action like that?", and look at the equally erotic homosexual couple and think "uh, no place here for me."?

I'd watch the hetero couple in a film or on television or read about it and chances are, get some prurient pleasure out of it. The gay couple I'd turn the channel or close the book.

But apparently I'm not very trendy in my tastes because nowadays, it's quite the fad for women to watch gay porn and read erotic fiction that's man-on-man.

I recently read an article about women watching gay porn that stated "what's not to like?" It went on to say that gay porn "Works" for women on so many levels that what's really unusual is that so few women will admit to having an interest in it. A straight porn star, Jenna Jameson, hosts a man-on-man gay porn site called Club Thrust that boasts of attracting "legions" of female fans. And in Germany, gay porn is so popular with women that they get together for gay porn night.

"Works" for women? On so many levels? Damn could someone clue me in on what levels those are and how the heck I go about finding them? Seriously, I'm looking for enlightenment here because I love a good turn-on as much as the next gal.

As a viewer of a film or reader of a book, I want to become part of the tale. Cast myself in the role of the heroine. Feel her pain, her pleasure, her passion. If this is a man-on-man, where's my part? I don't have one clue how it to feels to be a man, much less how it feels to have sex with a man, stick my penis in one of his orifices. How do I relate to that? Am I supposed to be the non-alpha in this duo? And if so, then where does the vagina come into play? Am I to substitute the erotic imaginings of my alpha male, stoking inside my warm love box with my alpha-male giving it to me up the backside? Oh well, sorry, the two just do NOT compare in this gal's list of mighty pleasures.

So I ask - what is the real appeal to all of this for women? Come on gals, clue me in. The education of Ciana is in your hands and I'm very interested in hearing what you have to say.

Does gay porn turn you on and if so why? Curious Hussy mind wants to know.

Oh, and by the way, my opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Hussies at large. This is just lil'ol'redneck me looking to broaden my horizons and gain insight into something that hasn't yet hit my pleasure center.

Hope you have a hussicilious day, and remember, whatever floats your boat is good. That's the beauty of life. We're all individuals and entitled to our own likes and dislikes. It keeps life interesting, you know :)

Cheers -


Sahara Kelly said...

I'm with you on this particular issue, Ciana. Watching gay sex isn't a turn-on for me either. Writing it is even harder - how can I get into a character's head (either of 'em) if I have no clue what's going on in there?

I hope we get a few responses that'll help clarify this point, but I have to admit that's not my cup of tea either.

NathalieGray said...

I think it might have to do with the physical beauty of the gay couple we see, or read about. Have two guys (like the one with the beer can) kissing and see if the "legions" of women have the same reaction...

That's my opinion.

A gay couple is not a turn-on for me sexually so much as visual enjoyment of male physiques. I know, I'm shallow, but honest.

One hot dude = yay!
Two hot dudes = WOODAMN!

Minime said...

I have to admit, I would rather watch a gay porn (not that I have...yet. :p), but that is because I have a massive green streak/monster living in my head and I don't want the hubby doing any comparisons. Hehe.

For me the appeal would be, I don't know, pointers on how to keep the fires going in my marriage. You know, keep him happy with new techniques. And also, watching or reading about two guys being intimate, I'm thinking about the hubby and what I can do for him.

I'm an odd one, I guess.

Natasha said...

Ciana, I agree with you. I can't see the appeal. I like to look at hunks as much as the next girl, but I also want to fantasize about him with ME, not another guy.

Now me with two hunks...that's a fantasy I'm still working on. Maybe in my next book...

Dena Celeste said...

Hm. LOL, as a submissive, and one with a great appreciation for both anal sex AND the slashy fiction... this is actually harder for me to pinpoint than i thought it would be. Here are my thoughts though:

i think it depends on your tastes, sexually and aesthetically. If you like being on the giving end of oral sex, or the receiving end of anal, it's a bit easier to put yourself in the position of one of the characters. If not, then maybe it's a little harder to understand where they're coming from.

Still, i love watching people in the throes of pleasure, whatever their gender. Hearing moans and whimpers, watching fingers, tongues, and phallic objects, whether real or toys, thrusting in and out... that just plain does it for me. It's all about people experiencing pleasure.

So, my .02.

Did i make any sense at all? :-)

Ciana Stone said...

Hey ya'll!! Thanks for the honest comments. I really appreciate you all taking time to help in the education of Ciana - or in Ci-Speak, helping to teach an old broad new tricks:) And I really appreciate the candor, everyone. You are the kind of women that make me stand up and yell "WooYah!!"

Nicole Austin said...

Great topic, Ci!

Personally, I don't get the appeal of porno for women, straight or m/m. Typical "straight" pornos have f/f scenes which do nothing for me. And watching two guys without a woman gives me nothing to releate to.

Photographs are another story. I love artistic photography, and pictures of two sculpted male bodies can be beautiful. All those hard planes and angles together, yum. Not the hardcore stuff though. Again, seeing two guys going at it does nothing for me because I can't relate.

It's the same with erotic fiction for me. I need a female in there somewhere, even if she's just a turned on voyeur watching the guys, but I need her so I can picture myself in her place.

I get the appeal of two guys. They can be all primal and let go of any control because with another man they don't have to be as gentle or worry about harming a softer, more delicate body. I've read some m/m fiction, even tried to write it, but it's not my thing.

Now menages...*sigh* I adore menages, as long as the ratio is 2 males and 1 female, whether it be m/m/f or m/f/m.

In a situation where two men are loving one woman there's no way to avoid intimacies between the men. They are going to brush up against each other and be very close. Why not help increase each others enjoyment of the experience with some intentional play, especially if its a more permanent relationship instead of just a one night fantasy thing. They are going to be spending a lot of time in bed together, might as well get used to interacting and get the most pleasure possible from the experience, IMHO.

Ciana Stone said...

Nic honey, as always I learn soooo much from you. And uh, yeah, menage? Oh my....

You have a way of phrasing things that makes me want to go find some more menage books to read - oh no,better yet, YOU write me some - now how's that for an oh-so-subtle hint????


Deb said...

I am not into M/M of F/F. I have no desire to watch. I have read books with M/M and F/F does not mean I would watch them.

Amy said...

I've never watched gay porn, though I have in the past watched het porn. That always turned me on as I put myself in the place of the woman on screen.

I do not read because I don't get any thrills from f/f erotica. M/m, however, is an entirely different matter. I read it, like it, get turned on by it. I think that the touching, caressing, kissing, etc. that happens between two men is pretty similar to what goes on in hetero couples. Once again, I put myself in the "shoes" of one of the characters (or by turns). And in the place of whichever man is ~acting upon~ the other man...

Though I am strictly speaking not a submissive, I agree with Dena:
If you like being on the giving end of oral sex, or the receiving end of anal, it's a bit easier to put yourself in the position of one of the characters.

I also agree with Nicole's thoughts on m/f/m menage. That has to be one of my all-time top 3 fantasies!

I also admit that I'm of a generation where when I was young, the idea of two men together was so shocking as to be taboo. And maybe being a bit of a literary voyeur of the forbidden sin is a turn on, as well.

Dena Celeste said...

*smiles* Sorry Amy, didn't mean to say that one needed to be a subbie to be able to understand the POV of the characters. i'm just used to slash fiction having one man Topping and one bottoming, so that's how i tend to associate it.

*grins* i do think the taboo is a bit of a turn-on as well. It certainly was to me when i first found m/m fiction. i come from a family who was a little too traditional for my own personal tastes.

Nicole Austin said...

I do have another menage planned, but its a few books down on the list. :D

Deb said...

Oh another menage from Nic, you know it will have all the right factors in it;)

Nicole Austin said...

Thanks, Deb!

*purr* Keep stroking my author's ego. Feels good! *g* (yes, I'm feeling naughty today LOL!)