Friday, January 11, 2008

Unfounded Fears... or not

A phobia, is “…a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.”

I wanted to share something I discovered when I was a participant in a 3-year paranormal study. A large part of this study invovled a weekly past life regression.

As a result, I was trained in hypnosis during the course of this project and afterwards worked with a select group of people who came to me for past life regressions. One of the underlying themes was a deep interest in understanding a specific issue, typically an unfounded fear or habit they couldn’t break and most times a relationship that was worrisome. I never charged and only met with those referred to me.

It was a learning experience for all of us. One man referred by a friend had a romantic relationship that was on again and off again. He desired to end it, but felt addicted to the woman and at the mercy of his own desires.

He declared the relationship was unhealthy and even claimed his partner felt the same, but they felt trapped in their lust. Through regression, a pattern was revealed that seemed to carry over from one lifetime to another. A few of those were physically abusive, unlike the current one, but it did appear each lifetime their relationship proved toxic.

The message from his higher self was neither of them was willing to break the cycle. This refusal was a form of rebellion that had its source from the beginning when their families hundreds of years before had prevented them from being together. Their rebellion had grown stronger and stronger with each lifetime and had gained control over their incarnations almost having a life of its own. This rebellion had separated them from them higher selves (true selves). His higher self advised breaking of the cycle, but warned it must be mutual in order for them take back their free wills.

I saw him several years later and was pleased when he told me how beneficial the session had been that he’d had several spontaneous recalls afterwards. Also, he and his ex-girlfriend had mutually agreed to end their relationship and he felt they'd broken the cycle, ending the karma their stubbornness and rebellion had created.

I found this incident very enlightening because if presented with the scenario, I'd have mistakenly believed the karma would have played out between them and their families - not each other. It proved to me that we hold all the answers deep within ourselves if we are willing to look. (g)

Another one that stands out was a woman who was afraid of second floors and staircases. Any floor below or above was fine, but she could not climb a staircase to the second floor without growing frightened and panicky. Through regression, she discovered a lifetime where she’d been pushed from a second story balcony to her death.

She called me the following week, excited and sounding so alive. She declared she was free of her fear and could easily climb up any staircase and not be afraid. This seems to be the biggest benefit of regressions – freedom from the thing preventing us from leading our lives.

And, this pattern was repeated time after time, person after person. Fears, intense dislikes for someone just met, a specific scent or food evoking repulsion and in some cases nausea - all would disappear once the past life was recalled and relived.

It’s said we are the summation of our experiences. I invite you entertain the idea that many of your current likes and dislikes that have no bearing on present life experiences just might be from past lives.

Just think, maybe the real reason you love chocolate so much is because your 1898 lover brought you Belgium candies, or perhaps the real reason you love French architecture because you were friends with Marie Antoinette, or maybe you can’t stand to have anything tight around your neck or a fear of anyone touching your neck is because you WERE Marie Antoinette (kidding), maybe your special interest or career choice was influenced by a past life. Did you choose to be a doctor because in a past life you were unable to help someone you loved?

So when someone says, “I can’t stand strawberries, but I don’t know why,” just remember, they could have been deathly allergic to strawberries in a past life.


N.J.Walters said...

Fascinating topic, Sally.

I've always been afraid of suffocation, for lack of a better word, and it manifests itself in several different ways. There is no logical explanation for the fears this manifests and I've had them for as long as I can remember.

Sally Painter said...

Oh NJ! I can relate. I had a fear of bridges and hated going across them.

I discovered a past life where as a child I was sitting on the edge of one over a river with a group of kids. I was a bookworm and reading and one of the boys was teasing me (circ 1700s) and shoved me like a kid will and I fell into the river and drowned. I had swimmer's ear all my life until I discovered this lifetime and the fear and the swimmer's ear ceased.

Ciana Stone said...

Phobias!! Eeek!!!! I don't have a LOT of them - although reptiles go give me a serious case of the creeping willies - something that apparently stems from being imprisoned in a previous life and having lizards running all over and around me. Oh shudder!

This is quite interesting. And I guess it explains why I got an immediate rush of hot jealousy when I hear lots of stuff about Da Vinci's this and that. Ahem, the Simponi in me wants to shout .. hey people what about Michelangelo? (Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni)

Hehehe, the artist ego surfaces.

Nicole Austin said...

OMG! You just gave me a fabulous idea for my Hussy WIP. WOOT!

Nic *racing off to write*

Sally Painter said...

hehehe. Micky! I'm speechless. ROFLMAO!

Sally Painter said...

And what you sent was just incredible! Anything to inspire the muse! (g)